Rewind - Fall of Rome

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Mark your stance as a resistor against entropy, globalism, and destruction. Undo the damage of the innumerable invading Vandals and restore the former glory of Rome! Just as your unwavering resolution, the graphic is powerfully implanted into the smooth cotton-polyester blend that will resist fade and destruction so you can always wear it in its full glory.

*The image depicts an edited version of “Destruction”; an oil painting by Thomas Cole from his series “The Course of Empire”. While the actual event the painting depicts is debated, many believe it to be the Vandal sack of Rome in 455 AD.

**Machine wash cold, and hang-dry to help retain graphic quality**

A comfortable and lightweight 100% Polyester t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn for a super silky feel.

• 100% polyester construction
• 30 Singles
• Durable rib neckband

Size guide

Chest (inches) 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 48-50
Waist (inches) 28-30 30-32 32-33 33-34 36-38 40-42